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New Vintage Goods, Easter Craft Projects, and a Victorian Tea

Smile Mercantile: New Vintage Goods, Easter Craft Projects, and a Victorian Tea

Such a busy spring at the Smile Mercantile!  I've picked up some fascinating vintage goods, developed some darling Easter craft projects, and had the most enchanting Vicotorian tea with friends.  I've been adding a ton of new and special items to both the web shop, and my Etsy shop, and this stuff has been flying out the door.  

Here are some of the new products I'm excited about: Antique buttons!  Awhile back, I was at an estate sale and bought two gallon bags of buttons.  Typically I'll sort through big bags like this and find a couple real goodies inside, with the rest being pretty standard buttons.  But these bags...were FULL of absolutely precious, and treasured buttons that someone had lovingly collected and sorted into little envelopes.  I've already sold several batches of the Victorian buttons, quite a few old glass buttons, and an assortment of mid century novelty buttons, but I have oooooodles still to list.  If you like this sort of thing, keep an eye on the ETSY shop specifically to nab your own bit of this hoard.

Vintage and Antique Buttons - Smile Mercantile

Also new in the shop, KEYS!  At a different estate sale I bought a giant key collection. I ran across this massive batch of keys, and it was one of those situations where I couldn't really paw through them before purchasing, so I just went with my gut and bought them.  It was a very crowded sale, and once I had the keys in hand (which must have weighed 20 pounds,) I was just ready to get out of there.  Once home though, I started dumping out and sorting the keys and was delighted with the great variety.  There are some antique keys, some very decorative ornate door keys, a whole bunch of cool smaller keys maybe for cabinets or luggage, various old car keys (remember when cars used to have separate keys for the trunk and gas caps?) Great keys - coming soon!

Vintage keys - Smile Mercantile

I was so busy in March that I wasn't sure if I'd have time to do much crafting for Easter.  I worked it out though!!  I also did three tutorials that I am really proud of: Retro spun cotton birds:

DIY Retro Spun Cotton Bird Ornaments - Smile Mercantile

Spun cotton quail eggs:

Spun cotton quail eggs - Smile Mercantile

and this ridiculously fun paper mache Easter egg diorama:

DIY Paper mache egg diorama - Smile Mercantile

I had that diorama finished to go in my living room, but realized that I never got around to dyeing any eggs to go inside.  So that's when I came up with these 5-minute speckled eggs which couldn't be any easier (or cuter!!) Make them: Step 1: fill mason jar half full of water + splash of vinegar + 10 drops food coloring Step 2: dunk egg for 15 seconds, let dry Step 3: speckle with brown craft paint using a toothbrush. DONE.

Easy 5-minute Easter Eggs - Smile Mercantile

You guys know how much I love celebrating the seasons, so I was thrilled to visit this place on a lovely spring day last weekend:

Victorian tea house - Smile Mercantile

It's the Secret Garden Tea Room in Sumner, WA.  It's out in the country, and I'd never heard of it before. It was seriously a Victorian paradise!  PERFECT way to celebrate spring and relax a bit.

Antique Victorian hardware - Smile Mercantile blog

Victorian tea - Smile Mercantile blog

My friend Cori and I had a true girls' day with our tea luncheon, shopping at 8 (EIGHT) thrift stores, and the Clutter & Charm vintage market event.  We filled up the back seat of her car with all of our loot.  When you're going through a busy stretch and are kinda frazzled, this sort of day will set you right. So that's the news from the Mercantile!



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