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The Dark Woods - Autumn Inspiration

Happy fall, everyone!  Here's an autumn inspiration post for you to help get you in the mood for the darker months ahead.  There's something really special about the time of year when the energy of plants goes back into the roots, back into the ground, and inward.  It's a great time to pay close attention to your surroundings - wherever you may be.  I've noticed the first signs of fall around here.  It's a subtle start, and I'm taking it all in.   IMG_2549   This weekend I took a lovely walk through the woods with some friends at dusk.  The sun was setting, but the trees and greenery were so thick that the light was barely getting through at all.  This was the last I saw of the sun:   IMG_2545     The temperature was mild, and the air was moist and humid.  It's easy to see how all the mosses thrive in the area.   IMG_2567 IMG_2569 IMG_2551   There were wonderful little mushrooms everywhere.  You know how I love little things like this!  It's when I see these marvelous sorts of details that I start coming up with ideas for craft projects.  When I lived in California I was all about the oak forests and acorns, and now I die over moss and miniature white mushrooms on beds of dry leaves.     IMG_2588 IMG_2583 IMG_2581 IMG_2580     I also like the spookiness of big black trees with gnarled roots and hollows.   IMG_2564 IMG_2553 IMG_2561     But I especially like the quietude.  Silent, dark spaces with delicate green moss carpets and thin branches decorated with lichen.   IMG_2593 IMG_2557 IMG_2576     The last bit of light catches the tops of the ferns.   IMG_2610 IMG_2604 IMG_2600     And before you know it, the light is gone altogether, and you scurry out of the forest before the darkness can envelope you.  Off home, where it is warm, and bright - and that's how you do fall.   IMG_2611 IMG_2620      


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