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How to Make the Best Princess Wand Ever

Any little princesses out there this Halloween?  When I was little I dressed up as a princess for Halloween - several years in a row. Each year I would essentially try to out-princess myself, and come up with more and more outrageous costumes.  My mom was a terrific sport about it all, and she put in countless hours altering thrift store prom dresses, constructing hoop skirts, and inventing clever royal accessories.  This wand I'm making today is based on my Mom's design.  I loved her wands so much that I went through at least 3 or 4 of them through my princess years.  The wands outlasted Halloween, and I used them all year round (because I was a REAL princess!) Here I am with one of my wands.  I think Mom made this one specifically to go with this gorgeous Easter dress, which she had also made by hand (!!!). It had a coordinating blue crinoline, a sash that tied in the back, and piped details.  Total princess. I think I was seven.   wand   So this project is really very simple.  For the star you'll need a piece of styrofoam (the kind made of tiny balls, not the porous, abrasive type.)  Back when my mom was making these she'd save flat styrofoam pieces from electronics packaging, and that's really the best kind to use because it's free! Materials needed: Styrofoam piece (approx 5 inches square x 3/4-1 inch thick,) long bladed craft knife, star template or star shaped cookie cutter, sharpie, white glue, paint brush, pink glitter, 2-3 yards 1/4 inch ribbon in several colors, 3/8 inch dowel, awl, small saw, scissors, double stick tape. Step 1: You need a template to make a really nice star.  My mom's method was to use a star-shaped cookie cutter, and if you happen to have one it will save you some time.  You can simply use the cookie cutter to cut the styrofoam, and you're on your way. I couldn't find my cookie cutter, so for mine, I just made a paper template. I did an internet image search for "star template," and there are thousands to choose from.  Zoom in or out to make the star about 4 inches in diameter.  Print it out and cut out the shape.  You don't want the points to be too sharp, so round them off when you cut it out.   IMG_3011 IMG_3015 Use the template to draw the star shape on your styrofoam. IMG_3017 IMG_3018   Step 2: Use a knife or long blade to cut out the shape.  Try to keep the edges as crisp as possible.  Once you have the rough shape, go back with a razor blade or the edge of a knife to gently remove the jagged spots on the edges.   IMG_3020 IMG_3021 IMG_3026 IMG_3027     Step 3: Paint one side with glue, apply glitter in the color of your choice, and shake off the excess. While it dries, start working on the handle.   IMG_3028 IMG_3032   Step 4: Use a small saw to cut a dowel to 17 inches.  Apply double-sided tape to the entire length of the dowel, wrapping it around like the stripe on a candy cane.  I'm using a tape that has a removable paper strip on one side, but regular double stick tape works just as well.   IMG_3034 IMG_3036   Step 5: Begin applying one of your ribbons to the dowel.  Start it at an angle, and wind it down, leaving enough space for a second ribbon. Fill in the blanks with the second ribbon.  Seal the ends with a dab of glue.  Pick which end will be the bottom of the handle, and glitter just the tip.  This will seal the ribbons, and keep them from coming undone.   IMG_3038IMG_3041 IMG_3044 IMG_3045 IMG_3046 IMG_3057 IMG_3059 IMG_3060   Step 6: Return to the star now, glittering the other side.  Let dry, and then glitter the edges.  Allow to dry completely.   IMG_3048   Step 7: Use an awl or pencil to poke a hole in the edge of the star.  The hole should be about 1 1/2 inches deep or so.  Dribble in a few drops of glue, and insert the dowel.   IMG_3063 IMG_3064   Step 8: Use the leftover ribbons to tie a pretty bow about 5 inches up the handle.   IMG_3069 Yay! IMG_3073   You can also make these with streamers.  To do this, just hot glue some ribbon lengths to the top of the dowel before you insert it into the star.  You can make so many pretty variations.   IMG_3114 IMG_3100 IMG_3121   Hope you enjoyed this princess wand tutorial!  As always, if you love it, share it!

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