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Shine Brightly - The 2014 Christmas Ornament Collection

It's that time of year!  I'm so excited to share what's new for Christmas, and the inspiration behind the collection. The direction I've taken this year was influenced by a few different ideas. Aesthetically, I've been drawn to a sort of trend in design which is muted in color, and and big on texture.  You'll see in my ornament assortment a lot of gray, silver, and pewter.  What I've found in working with these soft, almost moody tones, is that they really make natural colors stand out.  So when you fill you Christmas tree with all of these neutrals and metallics, the tree, the actual needles and branches, will stand out. I love the idea of highlighting the natural elements. The broad theme I've been interested in this year is the Winter Forest.  I imagined a dark woodland space, very quiet, with ice and snow all around, and that's what I wanted to emulate.   New this year, I've added some lovely mercury glass ornaments to the collection.  There are pine cone shapes, and some mushrooms that I've embellished with real German glass glitter.   glasspinecone1 glassmushroom1 smpinecones1 There are also some lovely Kugel-style mirror balls wrapped in iron wire.  These are so unique, and have such a rustic look.  I love how mercury glass shines and reflects Christmas lights. wireball1 I also have the cutest little tinsel trees you've ever seen: tinseltree1 My handmade acorn ornaments fit right in with these new additions, and they've been my bestselling design for several years now.  Love me some glitter! silveracorns This year I also made these whimsical mica snowballs with vintage mercury glass beads and tinsel: snowball1   Another idea that has influenced this year's collection is the nostalgia of mid-century style ornaments.  Last Christmas, my mom sent me some vintage Jewelbrite ornaments that were always on our tree.  They're from the 60s, and are plastic with little figurines and trinkets inside.  Looking at them while I was decorating last year, I remembered so clearly how much I enjoyed them growing up.  You had to peer inside, really look, and you could get lost in the little scene. Isn't that the mark of a great ornament?  -To be entranced by it, and to have it stir your imagination.  I decided that this year I'd make some of my own. I used mache ball forms, and decorated them with silver German glass glitter, and hand-painted the edges with a snowy trim coated in vintage mica flakes.  For the insides I relied on my collection of crafty goodies.  One ornament has a little collection of spun cotton mushrooms:   mushroomorn1 One has a tiny plastic deer grazing in a field of tinsel: deerdiorama1   And another completes the idea of a winter forest with little mica-coated bottle brush trees studded with mercury glass beads. treediorama3     Also new this year I've made the cutest little silver bells.  When I was little, my grandmother would sit me down at her kitchen table and she'd bring out her two big boxes full of old Christmas cards.  I think she had saved just about every card she had ever received from about 1940 onward.  She'd dig through, and pull out the ones with bells in the image, and together we'd cut out the bells to make little paper ornaments.  They weren't complicated - a little loop of thread at the top would do the trick.  I wish I had saved more of them - I only have one of her paper bells in my Christmas box, and a handful of her vintage cards.  Anyhow, that's where the idea for these came from.  I thought I'd do a fun glitter and mica combination on a paper mache bell, and give it kind of a 50s design of hand-painted snow.  I'm so in love with these.   silverbells1     As always, I love to bring in real vintage touches.  I have amassed an incredible collection of vintage and antique ornaments and decorations to share this year.  It's first come, first serve, and you need to check both my website, and my Etsy shop regularly to catch these items when they go up.  I'll be listing these pieces from now until Christmas.  Here's a sampling of this year's vintage:   vintage1 Spun cotton mushroom collection. Paper mache carolers. 1950s German Santa candy container. Antique c. 1920s Glass mushroom clip ornament. vintage2 Antique spun cotton bell ornaments. Vintage spun cotton fruits. Spun cotton sugarplum ornament. Antique cotton batting figural ornament. vintage3 Sisal and scrap Santa. Spun cotton bell and tinsel garland. 1950s sisal trees. Spun cotton elf ornaments (sold.) vintage4 Cotton batting Santa. Spun cotton bell ornaments. 1950s Crimson red mercury glass bead garland. Antique Czech beaded airplane ornament (sold.) And that's just to start!  I'm updating the shop daily with these sweet keepsakes. I hope you are as inspired for the season as I am.  As always, if you love it, share it!                      


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