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Tutorial: Christmas Snow Globe Ornament

Tutorial: Christmas Snow Globe Ornament
I've been wanting to make a Christmas snow globe ever since I started carrying these clear glass ball ornaments in the shop!  This design was inspired by a 1950s German ornament that I once saw on ebay (but forgot to bid on!) You can put any little thing inside the globe - maybe a tiny putz house, a nativity scene, or little vintage Christmas ornaments.   I decided to make mine a winter woodland with a miniature plastic deer, and a bottle brush tree set into a "snowdrift" made from a cotton ball. If you like, you can put some loose snowflakes inside, or just coat everything in glitter to make it sparkle.


Step 1: Use a small liner paint brush to paint white stars on half of the snow globe.  Let dry. Step 2: Once the stars are completely dry, paint OVER them with blue paint, covering half the snow globe.  Use gentle strokes with the paint brush to avoid rubbing off the stars. This layer of paint does not need to be thick - you just need to lay down a base coat.  Let dry.

Tutorial: Christmas Snow Globe Ornament

Step 3: Add a second, thicker layer of blue paint, so that it is opaque.  Let dry. Step 4: Paint over the blue paint with white. Add a stripe of white around the base of the snow globe, and then add a decorative icicle pattern to the top.

Tutorial: Christmas Snow Globe Ornament 

Step 5: When the paint is dry, coat the entire painted surface with white glue.  Sprinkle with clear glitter.  I'm using clear German glass glitter for a vintage effect. Step 6: Unroll a cotton ball to make a long strip.  Coat the chipboard circle with white glue, and arrange the cotton strip like a spiral on top of it. Press down to make a flat cotton tuft for the woodland scene to sit on.

Tutorial: Christmas Snow Globe Ornament

Step 7:If your bottle brush tree has a wooden base, snip it off with wire cutters so that the tree has a flat sisal base. Also, check to make sure whatever you are putting inside the snow globe will fit vertically inside the space. Paint a good amount of glue on the bottom of the tree, and press it into place off to one side of the chipboard circle. Step 8:Gently coat the cotton puff with glue, and sprinkle it with mica or snow crystals.

Tutorial: Christmas Snow Globe Ornament

Step 9: Paint the feet of the deer, and add a little glue to the part of the base where he will sit, and press his feet into the cotton. Step 10: Paint glue around the edges of the chipboard circle, and insert the whole scene into the clear glass ball, pressing it into place.  Set it on a flat surface until it is dry.   

Tutorial: Christmas Snow Globe Ornament

All done!  Such a fun holiday project.  Hope you get to try it!

Tutorial: Christmas Snow Globe OrnamentTutorial: Christmas Snow Globe Ornament 

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Tutorial: Christmas Snow Globe Ornament


  • Carol Power: June 13, 2018

    Love the ornaments! Do you sell the globes?

  • Sue maroney: December 28, 2016

    This project is adorable just love it

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