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Fall Pumpkin Crafts: Turn a Pumpkin into an Autumn Fairy!

pumpkin fairies

In the spring I made crepe paper flower fairies to welcome the season, and so with fall approaching I thought I would do a variation using pumpkins!  I think they would make such a darling centerpiece at Thanksgiving, or just displayed throughout the fall. These autumn fairies are so fun to make because you can create so many different styles with just one bag of inexpensive faux leaves and spun cotton heads.  I am using little sugar pie pumpkins, and I picked out some that were sort of flat on the bottoms so that they would look like skirts.  I also selected some with thick, longer stems to be the torsos of the fairies.  

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Step 1: Twist together the ends of a couple pipe cleaners to make a length that's about a foot long.  If you're using standard pipe cleaners instead of the shorter old-fashioned type, one piece should probably work just fine.  Wrap it around the top of the pumpkin stem, and twist to secure it.  Arrange the arms out to the sides, and bend to make elbows. 

Step 2: Apply low temp hot glue to the top of the stem, and attach a leaf off to one side, bending it down to cover the top of an arm like a shawl.  Hold until the glue sets. Add a second leaf on the other side.  If you choose, you can add a third leaf down the back of the pumpkin's stem.

Step 3: Attach the head with a dot of glue.

Step 4: For the hair, select a leaf, and bend it to cover the head.  If your leaves are very large, you can trim it into smaller pieces, and apply them one at a time.  Different leaf shapes will create different hairstyles- be creative!  You can also cut and glue leaves together to make hats or bonnets.  

Step 5: Forage around outside to find twigs, acorns, pine cones or other materials to create wands and fun accessories for the fairies to hold.  You can glue twigs to leaves, fill tiny baskets with pods or pumpkin seeds, or make parasols out of leaves.  Bend the pipe cleaner hands around the objects, or glue them in place.

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