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Holiday Fun with the Icicle and Snowball Ornament Kit!

Enjoy making ten old world, vintage-inspired Christmas ornaments!  This kit includes wonderful imported spun cotton shapes, and sparkling real glass glitter from Germany.

With this kit you'll be able to make five glittered snowballs and five icicle ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree.  

Buy your kit here.

*Glue not included.*  You will need to provide your own white glue, a couple bowls, a mug or jar, and a spoon for the glitter.  Aleene's Tacky Glue or Elmer's Glue work well.

Watch the assembly video:



Instructions for assembly:

Part 1: Set Up

  • You will need two bowls, one for the glue, and one for the glitter, as well as a spoon. You will also need a mug or short jar to hold the skewers while the ornaments are drying. Alternatively, you can poke holes in the box the kit came in to create a drying rack.

Part 2: Glitter the Ornaments

  • Insert a skewer into one of the spun cotton shapes to use as a handle.
  • Use the brush to paint a thin, even coat of glue on the entire surface of the spun cotton. Take care to not get glue on the skewer so it can be removed easily once the ornament is dry.
  • Spoon the glitter onto the ornament over the bowl to catch the excess. Turn the ornament as you go, giving it a light allover coat of glitter. Tap the skewer on the side of the glitter bowl to dislodge any loose grains.
  • Set the skewer into the mug or jar with the ornament at the top to allow it to dry. Once it is dry, carefully hold the ornament and twist the skewer to remove it. Repeat for each icicle and snowball.

Part 3: Add Hanging Loops

  • Bend a piece of wire around the thickest part of the glue brush handle to form a loop, and twist the ends of the wire together. Slide it off of the brush handle, brush glue over the twisted ends, and insert it into the hole at the top of an ornament. Repeat for each icicle and snowball.



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