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Ornament Kit

Holiday Fun with the Spun Cotton Ornament Kit!

Enjoy making ten old world, vintage-inspired Christmas ornaments!  The kit includes wonderful European materials like German spun cotton, real glass glitter, and Dresden paper trims.  Buy your kit here.

*Glue not included.*  You will need to provide your own white glue, a couple bowls, and a spoon for the glitter.  Aleene's Tacky Glue or Elmer's Glue work well.

Watch the assembly video:




Instructions for assembly:

 Set Up: 

  • Empty the contents of the kit from the box. Turn the box over, and use one of the skewers to poke 5 holes. This will serve as a drying rack for your glittered items. Gather two bowls, a spoon, and a dish of white glue. Empty the silver glass glitter into one bowl, and the clear glass glitter into the other. 

Part One: 

  •  It is recommended to glitter the bells first, because the snow flakes will be mixed with the remaining glass glitter for the ornaments in part 2.
  • Technique: Insert skewers into the spun cotton items to use as a handles. Use the paintbrush to apply an even coat of glue to the items, covering the entire surface to be glittered. Use care to avoid gluing the skewer to the spun cotton, or getting glue into the holes at the tops, which will be used for inserting hanging loops. Use the spoon to sprinkle glitter over the shapes until they are completely coated. Insert the other end of the skewer into the box so that the pieces can dry.
  • Coat with silver glass glitter: One smooth bell, the cap of one mushroom, the center stripe of one striped bell, two small 8mm balls
  • Coat with clear glass glitter: Two striped bells, one smooth bell, three small 8mm balls

Part 2:

  • Mix the snow flakes into the remaining clear glass glitter.
  • Coat with snow mix: all three large 40mm balls, and the cap of the remaining mushroom.

Part 3: 

  • Assemble the bells: Glue the small 8mm balls to the bottoms of the bells.
  • Make wire hanging loops: Wrap each piece of white wire twice around the wide part of the paintbrush handle, and then twist the tails together. Slide the loop off the handle.
  • Check to see that the length of the wire tail will fit into the top of each ornament, and snip if needed.  Coat the twisted tail with glue, insert into the top of the ornament, and let dry.

Part 4:

  • Decorate!  Cut the paper trims to adorn the ornaments.  You can use them in strips, or cut apart individual stars.  Use the tail end of the paintbrush handle to apply glue to the backs of small trims, and press onto the ornaments until the glue holds.  
  • German crinkle wire: Pull the wire gently, and wrap around an ornament. Seal the end with glue.

Helpful Tips:

  • If you find the texture of the glass glitter too sharp or bothersome, you can wear gloves while handling the ornaments, or hold them with a paper towel while you apply the trims.
  • Silver glass glitter will tarnish over time as it contains real silver.  If you prefer the brighter silver color rather than the vintage look, you can spray the finished ornaments with a clear sealant.  This will slow the oxidation of the glitter, preserving the bright silver color longer.
  • If you'd like to add some color to your ornaments, the spun cotton can be painted before apply the clear glitter.  Slightly watered-down acrylic craft paint works great with spun cotton.

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