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Holiday Fun with the Snowman Craft Kit!

Enjoy making three retro snowman decorations with spun cotton, bump chenille, and miniature craft components in the Smile Mercantile Snowman Craft Kit!  Buy your kit here.

*Low temp hot glue is recommended for assembly.  Glue not included.*

Watch the assembly video:



Part 1: Open packet A

  • Apply glue to the inner opening of a hat, and attach the hat to the snowman’s head.
  • Attach the snowman to the chipboard base with a dot of glue.
  • Use the push pin to poke a small hole at the center of the face for the snowman’s berry nose.  Apply a very small amount of glue to the wire end of the nose, and press it into the hole.
  • Use the pen to draw eyes and a dotted mouth on the snowman’s face. You maywant to practice making faces on a piece of paper before making one on the snowman. Keep in mind that the snowman will be wearing a scarf, so don’t extend the face  too far down on the head.

    Part 2: Open packet B  
    • Apply a dot of glue to the wide end of a bump chenille arm, and attach to the back of the snowman, just under the neck. Bend the arm to make an elbow. Attach the other arm in the same way.
    • Select a piece of red twine, double it to make a loop, and wrap around the snowman’s neck. Insert the tails through the loop, and pull to tighten. Snip the tails to a good scarf length, and fray the ends.

      • Give the snowman one of the miniature trinkets to hold, and glue it in place.
      • Repeat these steps to make the other two snowmen.