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Holiday Fun with the Vintage Elf & Toadstool Kit!  Enjoy creating this 1950s-inspired Christmas decoration with spun cotton mushrooms and classic craft supplies.

Low temp hot glue is recommended for assembly.

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Part 1: Prepare the Scene
  • Attach the large toadstool to the chipboard circle with a dot of glue.

Part 2: Assemble the Elf

  • Glue the head (white egg) onto the body (painted ball,) pointy-side down.
  • Glue the face onto the head, leaving room under the chin for the beard.
  • Bend the beard into a 'U' shape, and glue the ends to the edges of the face.
  • Select a bump chenille segment to use as the arms. Attach it's center to the back of the neck with a dot of glue. Bend the arms to form elbows.
  • Select the other bump chenille segment for the legs, and bend it into a 'U' shape. Glue the bent portion to the underside of the body.
  • Attach shoes to the ends of the legs, and bend at the ankle.
  • Adjust the legs to a sitting position, and glue the rear end of the elf to the top of the large toadstool.

Part 3: Add the Hat

  • Cut out the hat shape from the flocked paper rectangle using the provided template.
  • Bend the white pipe cleaner segment to follow the curve of the lower edge of the hat. Attach it to the inside edge of the hat with a small amount of glue, and snip off the excess from either end.
  • Gently bend the hat paper and the attached pipe cleaner trim into a cone shape overlapping at the back, and check the fit of the hat by holding it onto the elf's head. Once adjusted to fit, seal the seam with glue.
  • Apply glue to the very top of the forehead and sides of the head, and press the hat into place. Hold until the glue sets.


  • Give the elf a mushroom to hold, and glue it in place.
  • Embellish the chipboard circle with the remaining mini mushrooms.