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Mother of Pearl Buttons - 100 Vintage c. 1920s Small Two-hole Ivory White Shell Buttons, New Old Stock
Vintage Wooden Clothespins, Rustic, Weathered and Worn - Lot of 50
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Paper Mache House Shaped Box, U-Decorate
Jute Twine - 200 Yard Ball, 2-Ply Rustic Burlap Craft String
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Vintage Lamp - Swanky Mid Century Agate Rock Lucite Crystals, Table Light
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Vintage Camera - Sabre "620", Black and Cream Box Camera
Vintage Wallpaper Roll - Red Paisley Stripe
Acorn Ornaments, Pumpkin Orange Spice, Rustic Woodland Decor - Set of 3
Golden Angel - Handmade Clothespin Doll Ornament made with Vintage Sheet Music
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Rustic Heart Ornaments - Ivory Cotton French Country Stripe Plush Hearts, Set of 3
Golden Pumpkins - 2 Grapevine Pumpkins, Rustic Fall Decor

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Smile Mercantile - Quality craft supply & rustic home decor
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About Smile Mercantile
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I began to really appreciate vintage goods several years ago when I started using antique cameras for my fine art photography. The old lenses, which I had never bothered to get professionally cleaned, carried a very physical bit of history with them that affected the pictures I took. Dust, haze, and imperfections soon became essential to my work, and I was hooked on the characteristics that only vintage equipment could provide. Once I started seriously collecting vintage cameras, I just began picking up all kinds of thrilling things that made me smile.

The Smile Mercantile was born from a desire to share my enthusiasm with like-minded people. Many of the items I sell in my shop often retain traces of their pasts: rust, wear, scars of daily use. I also include items that I have made by hand that recall a historical sense of beauty. Among other things, I am inspired by Art Nouveau, early commercial design, and traditional utilitarian handicrafts.

I sell via Etsy because their platform is simple and secure, and it's a great way to snag some amazing things of beauty. Read the story of how I got started with Etsy here.

I LOVE my customers. If I can answer any questions at all, please email me.

Valerie Lloyd


Copyright Smile Mercantile 2013

Smile Mercantile - Quality craft supply & rustic home decor
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About Smile Mercantile
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Martha Stewart Living

My quail eggs made an appearance in the April issue of Martha Stewart Living. What a thrill! A gorgeous palette of crimson reds mixed with neutrals. I also love the reference to eastern European egg decorating traditions which have inspired me for years with their intricate and carefully crafted designs.



Blush Magazine

My paper flowers made an appearance in the latest issue of Canada's Blush Magazine, and the photos are SO lovely. A beautiful palette of terra cotta, turquoise, blush, and ivory, vintage style details, and a rustic urban setting. Gorgeous! Thanks to Mona Abo Said of Birds and Honey for putting it all together.

Photos courtesy of Tegan Martin-Drysdale



Seattle Magazine

What a thrill it is to see my ornaments in print! Seattle Magazine featured my acorns in the December issue - a spotlight on local Seattle Etsy artists.

The acorns have definitely become a real hit. Exciting!



Falling into Fall

It's been such a lovely summer, and I feel so energized by all the sun we've had. I know the rainy season is not far off, so I'm prepping myself with some new autumn crafts. I designed these wonderful acorn ornaments, and made them in a variety of great colors. They will look amazing through the fall, and then will carry beautifully into winter. Really excited to add them to my ornament line.



Seattle Met Bride & Groom Feature

I was SO thrilled to get my copy of Seattle Met Bride & Groom in the mail today! Months ago they had asked me to make wedding pomanders to coordinate with their True Colors segment. I can imagine a garden reception all decked out in these tones. Great summery stuff!

The "it" colors for the biannual are mint, rich red, and coral for a really fresh mix. Modern, but with an almost retro 1950's kick to it.

Bride and Groom Seattle Met Bride and Groom



Holiday Collection

Believe it or not, I'm getting ready for Christmas!  I've been putting together my handmade decor collection, and stockpiling some awesome vintage holiday pieces that I can't wait to share.  I'll be celebrating "Christmas in July" in my shop with a good healthy selection of fantastic ornaments, supplies, and decorations for those who are ahead of the game this year.

The look of the new ornaments is rustic and natural, with a vintage edge. Twine adds texture and neutrality to the often overblown holiday color palette. I've also been working with vintage sheet music. My SongPoms were a hit last year, so I'm bringing them back again with a couple variations on the theme.

Recently I found this really great remnant of striped twill fabric that I couldn't resist. It sparked me to daydream that I lived in a 19th century cottage in the French countryside or somewhere just wonderfully quaint like that. I used the fabric to make these ragballs built on hollow mache ball cores. All the different variations of the stripes blend together so well. It's like candy!  

Rustic Twine Balls Cottage SongPoms Candystripe Twill - Sold Out



Natural Curiosity

Mother nature is my favorite artist. Whenever I think about design, and how I can create something new, I look to nature. Shells are sculptures engineered for utility, and leaves teach me that a good formula never gets old. 

I collect fascinating objects from nature. From the grand 16th century curiosity cabinets to casual beach combing, the way in which we collect things can be as fascinating as the objects themselves.

While I was doing some spring cleaning I found these bleached white snail shells that I had collected about ten years ago. I was living in Santa Barbara at the time, and I had a garden that was just full of these old shells, and I was continually digging them up. After awhile it became less about gardening, and more about shell hunting. I have quite a nice collection of these little pretties, and I'm happy to bring them out to display again.

I also enjoy collections that other people have put together. These are vintage mineral samples that I sold recently. I appreciate the care that went into the bottling and labeling of these rocks and crystals.

Decorating with nature I think comes naturally to us. The colors, shapes, and textures are automatically appealing, and inspiring. :)

Click here to buy these little guys! :)



Storybook Roses

I was so absolutely thrilled to see my handmade paper roses in this article on the wedding website, 100 Layer Cake. It features the STUNNING Atlanta wedding of Shanna and Richard with all of its fanciful details and vintage library theme. The floral designer, Cathy Brim of Bloom Floral Design created these elegant branch bouquets with my roses that I'm just dying over. Gorgeous!

​If you want to recreate the look I sell the loose roses in my shop. Custom bouquets are also available. :)

UPDATE: Learn how to make your own Storybook Roses with my DIY tutorial on 100 Layer Cake!

Paper Storybook Roses Arrangement Half Dozen Storybook Roses Storybook Rose Boquet Loose Storybook Roses
Two left photos courtesy of David & Kendrick from Our Labor of Love



Mod Pods

I have so much fun with vintage lighting. Every home seems to have a space that just begs for something different - a bold piece that can be admired like sculpture. I had a corner in my living room that just felt like a void, no matter what I put there. I tried plants for a while, and even hung some from the ceiling, but that just made it even darker and less inviting. A crazy vintage statement lamp was just the ticket to enliven the space, and now I'm totally hooked on these wild lights!

I live within sight of the Space Needle in Seattle, and I'm so inspired by that great 1960s take on futurism. This monofilament string lamp is a study in parabolic geometry, and reminds me of that era where form followed physics.

I call the green lamp Grotto GlowBall. It's completely coated in chunky resinous plastic rocks and pebbles and is ridiculously eye-catching. I can't get over it. This one is currently for sale, and just today made the front page of Etsy.

Illuminated globes are just too much fun! They add a pop of color to a room, and they might even teach you something. ;)


Copyright Smile Mercantile 2013