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Simple Paper Flowers DIY Tutorial

Simple Paper Flowers DIY Tutorial

These simple paper flowers are made out of one-size petals applied to spun cotton eggs.  They look like little wild roses or spring blossoms.  These are the type of blossoms that I use to make my wax flowers.  The spun cotton eggs can be purchased here.


      Step 1: Fold the crepe paper to be at least 12 layers thick.  This way you can cut out a lot of petals at once.  

      Step 2: Make a petal template out of scrap paper just to keep everything consistent. This is just a simple teardrop shape, about 1 inch in length.  Hold it on top of your folded crepe paper, and cut out petals.  Make about 12 petals per flower you want to make.

      Step 3: With your thumbs, stretch the center of each petal outward to make a slightly cupped shape.

      Step 4: Dip the end of a floral wire in glue, and insert it into the wide end of a spun cotton egg.  Let it dry, and this will serve as the center bud of a flower.  

      Step 5: Begin making the flower by brushing the egg with some glue, and pressing the pointy end of a petal against it.  Add a little glue to the edges of the petal, and pinch together the rounded top of the petal over the egg.  

      Add the next petal, slightly overlapping the first, turning the flower as you go. From here on out, only apply glue to the bases of the petals.  Press the bases against the egg.  As you continue to add petals, the flower will fill out and open.  



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