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Tutorial: Halloween Candy Corn Trees

Tutorial: Halloween Candy Corn Trees
These Halloween candy corn trees are so simple to make, and look so *sweet* on a windowsill or mantel.  This is a really easy Halloween craft, and would be a great rainy day activity for kids.  All you need are small paper mache cones, a handful of old wooden thread spools, and paint.  You'll love making these!


  • 6 Mini paper mache cones (4 inches tall)
  • 6 wooden thread spools (between 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 inches in diameter.)
  • Craft paint in black, white, yellow, and orange
  • Paint brushes

Tutorial: Halloween Candy Corn Trees

Step 1: Paint the outsides of all the cones white.  Let dry. Step 2: While the cones are drying, paint all of the spools black.  There is no need to paint the ends of the spools, so you can hold them by the ends and just paint the sides.

Tutorial: Halloween Candy Corn Trees

Step 3: Once the white cones are dry, paint a wide orange stripe around the centers of the cones.  It's ok if the lines are a little wobbly. Real candy corns have imperfect lines, so just eyeball it.  Let the orange paint dry. Step 4: Paint the lower section of the cone yellow.  Let dry. Step 5: Push the cones onto the spools.  You can glue them on if you like.

Tutorial: Halloween Candy Corn Trees


Tutorial: Halloween Candy Corn Trees 

Fun little Halloween candy corn trees!  Arrange them in a row, or make a little "forest" of them.  These would make a darling centerpiece, or a nice accent for the candy table. Hope you enjoyed this festive fall tutorial!  As always, if you love it, share it! Pin it:

Tutorial: Halloween Candy Corn Trees



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