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Article: Make a Halloween Fairy Pumpkin!


Make a Halloween Fairy Pumpkin!

Fairy pumpkin house for a Halloween fairy garden 

I have been making Halloween fairy gardens for a few years now.  It's incredibly satisfying to watch the neighborhood kids ooh and ahh over the little village of pumpkin houses and miniature details.  This year, I am installing these fall fairy doors in the pumpkins to give them just that much more personality.  You can find the doors in the shop here.  You could easily just glue the door to the front of the pumpkin, and maybe arrange some moss around it. Because the doors have cut-out windows though, I wanted the glow of the candle to shine through.  So for this fairy house, I cut out an opening in the pumpkin to fit the door fairly closely, and then I've plugged the gaps with some brown twine.  This way, I'm not using any glue at all, and can re-use the doors from year to year. So fun!

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Step 1:

Make a "nest" out of the dish towel to cradle the pumpkin while you carve.  Use a serrated knife to cut out a trap door in either the bottom or the back of the pumpkin big enough to fit your hand through.  This will be the opening you use to insert the candles.  Retain the plug you cut out. Scoop out the contents of the pumpkin, and replace the plug once done.

Step 2: 

Trace the fairy door on a piece of scrap paper to make a template.  Cut out the paper door shape, about 1/8 inch inside the line you've traced. Take this template on the pumpkin where you'd like to install the door.

Step 3:

Cut out the door shape from the pumpkin.  Try to stay within the lines at first.  Then, gradually enlarge the opening, holding the fairy door up to it periodically to check the shape.  Ideally, you would keep cutting just until the door can be inserted.

Step 4: 

Cut out some windows.  Use your creativity to make the pumpkin look like an enchanted fairy home. For round windows, swivel the knife until you pierce through, then clean up the edges.  To make crossbars for the windows, cut sticks to fit the windows' width and height, and insert them into the flesh of the pumpkin.

Step 5:

With the fairy door in place,  use a pencil to push brown jute twine into the gaps between the door and the pumpkin.  This will not only keep the door from falling out, but will also block any light leaks at the edges.

Step 6: 

Insert 3 or more flameless LED tealight candles.  Arrange leaves, moss or other materials around the pumpkin.  You can create steps out of rocks, brick shards, or wood slices leading up to the door.  Add other festive miniatures to the scene, and enjoy!


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pumpkin fairy house for Halloween

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