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Making a Miniature Book Nook: Cozy Apothecary

As we enter cozy season, I've been very drawn to doing crafts in a small scale.  Today's project is not really a tutorial, but a creative exploration. I'm working on a tiny room box filled with miniatures- many that I've made with simple materials.  A book nook, traditionally, is a scale miniature room to nestle between the books on a bookshelf- essentially themed dollhouses for the detail-oriented artist.  Today, I am making a simple version as just a fun craft experiment.  Without having much of a plan, I set off to Dollar Tree to collect some very basic supplies to play with. While there, in the Halloween section, I found a small gift box shaped like a book!  The cover reads,"The Complete Apothecary Anthology: Potions, Poisons, Elixirs, Tonics."  I have established my theme.  I imagined a witches apothecary inside the book, and I cooked up a plan to build a room for her.

Here I will list out all of the materials I used. Some things I had on hand, and just pulled from my stash of materials as I went.

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Supplies from Dollar Tree:

  • Apothecary book box
  • Laser cut wood stars
  • Air dry clay
  • Mini clip clamps

Other materials used:

Enjoy the video!  


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