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Mossy Fairy House DIY Tutorial

Mossy Fairy House DIY Tutorial

This is a darling cottage-style mossy fairy house.  It's simple to make using a paper mache house as a base.  After wrapping it in sheet moss, I'm putting on a rustic roof made out of corrugated cardboard.  This would be a good house for an indoor display nestled amongst the houseplants.

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    Step 1: Cover the front of the house with moss. Take the lid off the house box. Choose a piece of sheet moss large enough to cover the front of the paper mache house. Run beads of hot glue along the edges and around the windows and door.  Attach the sheet moss, and press until the glue is hardened.  Wrap and glue. Apply glue on the sides of the house, and wrap the edges of the moss around the corners.

    Step 2: Patch the gaps. Use smaller bits of moss to patch any holes, and continue covering all the walls of the house.

    Step 3: Snip out the door and windows. Using sharp scissors or garden snips, clip out the moss covering the door and windows. Trim across the top. Make it flush with the top of the box.

    Step 4: Cut moss pieces to fit the gables, and glue in place. Trim the edges.

    Step 5: Cut the corrugated cardboard into thin strips, and then cut small rectangles from the strips. These will be the shingles.

    Step 6: Cut some of the rectangles on a diagonal, and fit them into the corners of the roof.  Then, begin shingling the roof starting at the bottom, and working up to the top.  Glue each shingle in place, overlapping the lower rows.

    Step 7: Paint the roof.  I chose a chocolate brown color for mine.

    Step 8: Cover the chimney with small squares of moss.

    Add 2-4 LED tealights to make the windows glow!

    Make an expanded garden by placing sheet moss all around the house, and decorate with fun miniatures.

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