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Snow Baby Project Demo - Making a Spun Cotton Doll from Scratch

Today I'm excited to share a video demonstration of one of the projects in my new book, Spun Cotton Crafts!  The Snow Baby from page 106 is an easy-to-make spun cotton doll.  The design is not complicated, and is a great introduction to figural work if you've never done it before.  I left the video long to include all of the different parts from making the armature, to crafting the doll face, to adding cotton layers.  You can skip through to find the parts you want to see most. For details on the techniques I am using here, please reference the book which is available for purchase here.

You can make the snow baby into a hanging ornament, as shown in the book, or a freestanding figurine like this one.  The difference between the two is that I used a larger spun cotton ball and a chipboard circle for the tabletop version to give it some weight.

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These are the materials I used in this project:

Watch the Video Demo Here:




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