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Making a Wax Flower Pick DIY Tutorial

Making a Wax Flower Pick DIY Tutorial

In this tutorial I'm taking the wax flowers and buds I made in the last tutorial, and wrapping them together to make a pick for a hair comb. 

You can use embroidery floss or wire to do this binding.  I am using a thick button thread in green, and an inexpensive hair comb from the drugstore.


  • Wax buds and flowers
  • Button thread
  • Scissors
  • Wire snips



    Step 1: Cut button thread

    For a small hair comb like this, 18-24 inches should do the trick.

    Step 2: Wrap over the end of the thread to secure to a stem

    Start with a bud pick, and wrap the thread right up underneath the bud.

    Step 3: Wrap tightly, and slight the wrappings to the side

    Wrap about 1/4 inch of the first stem, then add a second bud.  The wrappings will just about cover the stems.  Add a few more buds, and then add a flower.  

    Step 4: Continue to add buds and flowers, wrapping several times in between

    If you have a lot of flowers to use, you can add several at a time in bunches.  I'm going for more of a delicate look, so I'm wrapping between each addition.

    Step 5: To complete the pick, make a loop, and pull the thread through to tie off.

    Step 6: Snip off the extra wire

    In the next tutorial, I'm attaching a couple of these picks to a hair comb!  

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