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Assembling a Wax Flower Hair Comb Tutorial

Assembling a Wax Flower Hair Comb DIY Tutorial


In this tutorial I'm assembling a wax flower hair comb with the pretty picks I made in the last tutorial. This romantic hair comb would make a beautiful bridal hairpiece.

Instructions for making the wax flowers and picks are here and here.


  • 2 Wax flower picks
  • Button thread
  • White glue, paintbrush
  • Hair comb



    Step 1: Knot button thread at the end of the comb 

    You can also use wire or embroidery floss. 

    Step 2: Arrange flower pick to cover half of the comb

    The alternative way of doing this is to just make a very long flower pick to cover the entire comb.  I wanted to have buds coming out of each end of the comb with more flowers toward the center, so I am using two short flower picks.

    Step 3: Thread between the flowers

    Work the thread in between blooms, and then in between the points of the hair comb.  If you have a particularly thick flower pick, add a needle, so you can just push it through near the top of the comb.

      Step 4: Add a second flower pick, meeting at the middle

      Continue wrapping right along, working onto the second pick.  Wrap between each point of the comb to the end.

      Step 5: Make a loop, and pull the thread through to tie off

      Snip off the end of the thread.  

      Step 6: Dab glue on the knots to seal




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